Protect Schools During War - Safe Schools Declaration

This story was originally posted by Human Rights Watch.


Call on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to protect education during armed conflict by signing the Safe Schools Declaration.

Why the Safe Schools Declaration?

ALL children have the right to a safe education…
Around the world, schools are attacked or being occupied by military forces in conflict zones... Sports fields become battlefields. Classrooms become munitions rooms. This has a devastating effect on children. It endangers their lives, their teachers’ lives, and denies hundreds of thousands of children their right to education.
It is time we put an end to this!
The Safe Schools Declaration is a political commitment to protect education during armed conflict, ensuring the safety of a country’s future. So far 55 countries have shown their support by endorsing it. It is time Canada became the 56th.
Human Rights Watch raised the Safe Schools Declaration with the previous Canadian Government on numerous occasions. Each time it was met with excuses or resistance – not positive action. Canada’s new government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should not adopt the same position as his predecessor.
As children in Canada return to school this week, join our call that all children around the world should be able to go to school in safety. Ask Prime Minister Trudeau to sign the Safe Schools Declaration – today!

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