Preparing Today's Children for Tomorrow's Reality

We look around and see many young people unprepared for the "crash" with real life. They are the result of hyper-protective parents, who thought that avoiding any danger and worries, they show their love for them. Maybe it's parents' fault; maybe it's the cruel society that promotes too many opportunities. Where is the truth? But in Syria, the situation is crushing during the years and the government can’t find a better solution to prepare them for adulting.

Preparing Today's Children for Tomorrow's RealityLet's find out how to prepare a Syrian child for adult life, according to education specialists of the WoS international community, that contributed to diminishing gender bias in Syria through quality and inclusive education.

The main goal of the WoS international community is to give access to quality education to children from Syria. In the partnership with UNICEF and other global partners, the community managed to create an economic framework ready to support children from low-income families. But the estimated impact was tripled thanks to special adult life support for Syrian children. The program had the following aims:

  • Teaching children to be more responsible for their lives;
  • To value the quality education;
  • To be aware of the war danger in Syria;
  • To be honest with themselves and with others;
  • To work hard for a better life.

During the support program, the WoS psychology specialists claimed that adults would rather need to be aware of their own needs and correct themselves before it is too late. Otherwise, the child will grow up dependent on his parents. This will be a growing problem, both from a psycho-emotional and social perspective, to face real life in Syria.

Responsability During the Syrian Chilhood

The specialists claimed that the child must be prepared from an early age for adult life. The safest way to do this is to teach him to be responsible, take on various tasks, and be responsible for his/her excellent performance. Although Syrian parents taught the children to do chores instead of attending school, the responsibility lies on the parents for allowing them to receive the education they deserve.

Underrated Syrian Hardships

Along with the practical skills and moral qualities that Syrian parents should instill in their children, it is significant to help them gain the emotional strength to resist the difficulties that will arise during life. If they don’t face difficulties in their childhood, they will give in to the first challenges they encounter.

According to WoS International Community, Syrian children should have the ability to adjust their affectivity on their own - to be calm when under pressure and express their emotions in a way appropriate to the situation. Although other international organizations underrate the Syrian hardships, the Syrian children need to receive, first of all, psychological support to undergo the childhood challenges in Syria.

WoS Role in Preparing Children for Adult Life

The WoS International Community invests in education to facilitate progress and avert a dramatic poverty crisis. Aligned with the UN goals of sustainable development, it contributes to providing psychological assistance and eradicating hunger through school lunches. Four out of 8 children live below the poverty line. That is why a hot meal is another reason to attend school. Due to global support and an important mission, WoS invests in the prosperity of younger generations in Syria. All of these things drive a better society and a better world for Syrian children.