Resources Marking Five Years of Crisis and Conflict

As the crisis in Syria enters its sixth year, children continue to bear the brunt of the conflict. Two decades of investment in education have been wiped out. Five years of conflict have tripled the proportion of Syrian children out of school. Many Syrian children have never seen the inside of a classroom and those in school continue to be at risk of dropping out. Syrian children have been deprived of their childhood along with their right to education. Below are new resources available to mark the fifth year of crisis and conflict.



No Place for Children: The Impact of Five Years of War on Syria's Children and their Childhoods (UNICEF 2016)

Childhood Under Siege: Living and Dying in Besieged Areas of Syria (Save the Children 2016)

The Cost of Conflict for Children: Five Years of the Syria Crisis (World Vision, Frontier Economics 2016)

Fueling the Fire: How the UN Security Council's Permanent Members are Undermining Their Own Commitments on Syria (Big Heart, Syrian American Medical Society, NRC, Syria Relief & Development, Oxfam 2016)

Syria Crisis 5-Year Education Fact Sheet (UNICEF 2016)

Syria Crisis Education Strategic Paper: London 2016 Conference - English | Arabic



We cannot fail in making 2016 a better year for Syria

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Moheb and his heart of gold

UNICEF Ambassadors and supporters call for STOP to the #FIVEyears of war in Syria


Media Coverage:

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War could cost Syria nearly £1tn in lost economic growth by 2020, study warns (Guardian)

Syrian war creates child refugees and child soldiers: report (Reuters)

One-Third of Children in Syria Were Born During War, Unicef Report Finds (New York Times)

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