Education at the London 'Supporting Syria' Conference

On 4 February 2016, the UK, Germany, Kuwait, Norway and the United Nations co-hosted a conference on the Syria crisis in London. The Supporting Syria and the Region conference brought together world leaders from around the globe to rise to the challenge of raising the resources needed to help millions of people whose lives have been torn apart by the devastating war. The conference raised over US$ 11 billion in pledges – $5.8 billion for 2016 and a further $5.4 billion for 2017-20 to enable partners to plan ahead.

The London Conference aimed to create a long-term commitment on education in Syria and the region to avoid a lost generation of children and youth through a total ask ofUS$1.4 billion. The US$1.4 billion is needed to support around 4 million Syrian and host community children in the 2016/2017 school year. 

Below are selected Syria resources, news coverage and multimedia material related to the Conference.

Syria Resources

Funding, Policy and Protection: Delivering a quality education to children affected by conflict in Syria and the region [Save the Children and partners] calls on the participants in the London conference to commit to ensure all children and young people affected by the conflict have access to educational opportunities during the 2016/2017 academic year.

#NotLost: Claiming Syria's Future [Malala Fund] for the London Conference, focuses on the funding required to support education for Syrian children inside and outside Syria and the further action necessary by governments of Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt to get all Syrian refugee children into education and learning.

The No Lost Generation (NLG) 2015 Syria Crisis Update provides key data and figures, key results in Syria and the subregion, and an NLG funding update. Since its launch in 2013, the NLG Initiative has done much to mobilize the international community around the impact of the Syria crisis on education, youth and adolescents. 

Drivers of Despair: refugee protection failures in Jordan and Lebanon [NRC] for the London Conference, focuses on the key drivers of despair, poverty and onward displacement for Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. It presents new data and recommendations to address these challenges.

Economic Loss from School Dropout due to the Syria Crisis: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Impact of the Syria Crisis on the Education Sector [UNICEF MENA] estimates that US$10.7 billion is the economic loss from school dropout due to the Syria crisis.

The Syria Crisis Education Strategic Paper for the London Conference, is meant to support the overall fundraising objectives and guide discussions on key strategic shifts that need to take place in education. 

The EU and its Member States have come together to create the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, also called the ‘Madad Fund' to increase aid to the millions of Syrian refugees. Read the brief, Partnership for the #ChildrenofSyria - EU Trust Fund and UNICEF.

The Humanity Acts [USAID] campaign raises awareness and support to immediate on-the-ground needs inside Syria and the region, including on education. Watch the video Smallest Shoulder about how a refugee living in Jordan has decided to help solve this problem.

The film Straight Outta Syria [A World at School] follows three young brothers who arrived in Lebanon as refugees. The film explores their story, their talent for rap music, and how education is crucial for the talent of Syria's children. Learn about their education campaign for Syrian refugee children.

News Coverage

Record $10 billion pledged in humanitarian aid for Syria at UN co-hosted conference in London [UN News]

Syria Donor Conference, destroyed classroom’ outside the Houses of Parliament [Good Morning Britain, watch from 55:00]

Destroyed classroom stresses Syria’s plight [Reuters] 

Leaders seek billions in Syria aid [BBC News]

David Cameron pledges extra £1.2 billion for Syrian refugees as leaders gather for talks [Telegraph Online]

Governments pledge $10bn for Syria in largest one-day humanitarian drive ever [The Guardian]

The Guardian view on the London refugee conference: new ideas for making refugee life bearable [The Guardian]

Syrian donor conference: more than $10bn raised, says Cameron [The Guardian]

Justine Greening hoping for 'historic day' at Syria aid summit – video [Guardian Online]

David Miliband: people don't understand the scale of the refugee crisis – video [Guardian Online]

Billions raised for Syria [Channel 4 News]

Justine Greening interview [Channel 4 News]

West promises billions to Syrian refugees but thousands more head to the border [Telegraph]

£7.5bn in aid for refugees pledged to Syria’s neighbours [Independent]

Syria conflict: Donor nations pledge $10bn in vital aid [BBC News Online]

Malala Calls On World Leaders To Support Education For Syrian Refugees [Buzzfeed] 

Billions raised for Syria [Channel 4 News]

PM hails £7bn aid boost for Syria, £1.2bn of it from the UK [Daily Mail]

Syria's plight puts the world to shame – leaders must unite to find a solution [The Guardian]

Donors face record request of $9 billion to aid Syrians[Associated Press]

US$1.4 billion needed to get every Syrian child back in school, say aid agencies [UNICEF] 

Malala Yousafzai Seeks to Raise $1.4 Billion to Educate Syrian Refugees [NBC News]

Jordan to propose new support strategy at London meeting [Jordan Times]

Malala Yousafzai warns of education gap for Syrian refugees[BBC]

Arabic news coverage can be found in the PDF here

Multimedia Material

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